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when someone asks you ‘who are the libertines’ just show them this picture because honestly it says it all

Afro Punk 2K14
Photo taken by me:
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I can quite possibly say, the best hair color  I’ve ever seen!





ily thank u
I think my boyfriends boss is closet racist

      I mean when he try’s to voice his political view on the world you can clearly tell the man is uneducated and close minded… But I would I venture as far as too say he’s a racist? (The only reason I give even half a fuck about what that idiot thinks is because my boyfriend is a mover and he has to live with his boss because they get called at all hours and we have no car). Well we were supposed to move in a like three months ago together but his boss changed his mind…. pretty abruptly.

      He always speaks negatively about black women ALL the time except when I come over. Then he says that even though I’m black I seem nice etc.   And when I cook for my boyfriend when I come over because he works all week and I want him to eat homemade food at least once a freaking week I make it for his boss too, I’m really sweet and I just don’t get why he won’t let us be in the same house together…..

OH YEAH! and when I said aloud that “yeah babe racism still exists, they’re are a lot of people that are disgusted with interracial relationships and they just don’t say anything”  and there was a dead silence with all three of us there before my boyfriend stepped in to say something. You know even though I’m half white, not that, that even matters to people like that.

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